16-400 Suwałki
Pułaskiego 123 

tel. 87 567 51 30

MOT at a basic motor vehicle inspection station:

Basic Motor Vehicle Inspection Station works under 2/12 certificate issued by Mayor of Suwałki, confirming the entry in register of MVIS entrepreneurs. The certificate was issued based on the Decision No. TDT-P-267/12 by Technical Transport Supervisor, 18.04.2012 which confirm compliance of equipment and conditions with technical conditions set in the current act - The Law of road traffic (Law Gazette 108, 2005, pos. 908 with later changes).
With its entitlements BS/019/P Station is a Basic Motor Vehicle Inspection Station for A B, T, E vehicle types.
Therefore, the Station provides the following MOT
A - motorbikes, motor bicycles,
B - motor vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes (e.g. cars and delivery trucks)
T - tractors
E - trailers used with motor vehicles, calling for the Station examination


MOT for imported cars (1 registration in the country)

Other entitlements:

MOT at our Motor Vehicle Inspection Station is done by qualified staff (Paweł Krukliński and Henryk Karaś). They were issued a named certificates of vehicle diagnostic technicians by the Mayor of Suwałki.




Scope of activities:

BOT at the Station covers a check if the vehicle fulfils technical requirements and has necessary equipment stated by the law (A government order by Ministry of Infrastructure from 21.12.2002, Law Gazette no. 32, pos. 262, with later changes). Particular operations by vehicle diagnostic technician during the procedure are in accordance with the Annexes no. 1 and 4 to the government order of Ministry of Infrastructure from 18.09.2009 regarding the scope and procedures of MOT (Law Gazette no. 155, pos. 1232).
Additionally, in the BS/019/P Station during the MOT procedures we set the front lights (change bulbs if necessary), fill in air in tyres, adjust the level of fumes in carburettors.


Statutory charges are made for MOT. The charges are included in the table of charges corresponding with the government order by Ministry of Infrastructure, 29.09.204 (Law Gazette no. 223, pos. 2261), including amendment from 18.09.2009 (Law Gazette no. 155, pos. 1233). For instance, current charge for MOT of a car is 98 PLN.
In case of an entry with the next MOT being made in the car's registration, an additional record charge of 1 PLN applies (Law Gazette no. 227 from 2003, pos. 2254 with later changes).